AMFE which can additionally be triggered remotely

The R-AMFE works like a conventional AMFE, releasing the extinguishing gas when the thermobulb bursts after the activation temperature has been reached by heat (as in a sprinkler). Additionally, the R-AMFE can be remotely triggered by activating a current signal into the R-AMFE causing a fast and precise increase of the heat at the bulb, ultimately resulting in a burst of the thermobulb assembled and release of the extinguishing gas.

R-AMFE can also work much faster than a traditional AMFE if controlled by a monitoring device which also reads e.g. smoke detector signals and, upon the early detection of smoke, initiates the signal to release the R-AMFE even before significant enough heat buildup. The applied current defines the time until the R-AMFE is initiated. As application requirements for the R-AMFE are customer specific, consulting the manufacturer is required to define electrical and mechanical details to guaranty reliable and sufficient operation.